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Here is where you will find past events stored for future reference. Unfortunately, due to events beyond our control, some activities (years) are missing. We hope that there are enough stored that you, as a member or adherent of Christ Church, will find your memory happily pricked of past times of good cheer and fun. As a visitor to Christ Church or to this website, we hope you get a taste of the fellowship that is available here.Click on the particular activity you wish to view.

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is very active at Christ Church. We have upwards of 40 to 50 children on a regular basis. What a wonderful time to share Jesus Christ with these young folk.

VBS 2009

VBS 2010

VBS 2011

VBS 2012

VBS 2014


Fashion Show
This is an annual event that is geared to the women of our church and visitors from outside the church as well. It is well attended and thorougly enjoyed. Men of the church serve as waitors and perform clean-up operations.

Fashion Show 2006

Fashion Show 2007

Fashion Show 2011

Fashion Show 2012

Fashion Show 2015


Christmas Events
Each year, Christ Church sponsors a Christmas Contata comprised of our children and some adults. We are small but the productions are memorable.

Christmas Story 2009

Christmas Story 2010

Christmas Story 2011

Christmas Story 2012

Cake and Confetti Image   Cake and Confetti Image   Cake and Confetti Image
130th-Year Anniversary   132nd-Year Anniversary .

133rd-Year Anniversary

Cake and Confetti Image

135th-Year Anniversary        

Father/Daughter Dance
Each year, Christ Church sponsors a Father/Daughter Dance with an appropriate Theme. We have started recording these events with year 2011. Rest assured that there will be many more.

Father/Daughter 2011

Father/Daughter 2012

Father/Daughter 2013

Father/Daughter 2014

Christ Church Fall Festival
Each year, Christ Church joins with the city of Longwood to participate in the art show which is sponsored every November. This year (2011) is the first time that we have recorded the events. Come back yearly to see more.

Fall Festival 2011

Fall Festival 2012


  Christ Church Speeple Repair and
Church Painting; April/May, 2011

This is the year we have gotten the church steeple repaired and the church painted. It is still underway. You can follow the progress with the associated photo album. Just click on the painter image below to access the page.
Roller or Brush  
Nails and Paint Paper
Nails and Paint
Photo Album
  Nails and Paint Paper
Web-site Page
Nails and Paint Paper
Nails and Paint
Paper (PDF format)
This can be downloaded.
To read a PDF paper you need to have Adobe Reader or the equivalent on your computer. You may download a free copy by clicking
Adobe Reader Button

It is here that you will find Photos, Slide Shows, Documents, etc that are difficult to file elsewhere under some

Ann Cooper Photos
Ann's Estate; Page 1
Ann's Estate; Page 2

Claire Smith Presentation Church Celebration
Rev. Noy and Linda Sparks
45th Wedding Anniversary
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