Fashion Show 2006

Christ Church Episcopal
Longwood, Florida
This page consists of 56 photographs taken at the Fashion Show held on Saturday,
June 24, 2006. This show is an annual event at Christ Church and is sponsored by the church
for the ladies of the church and surrounding community.
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Stan Russell; webmaster
June 24, 2006

Getting ready for the show.
Cashiers are ready.
The silent-auction table before handling.
Marsella enjoys watching others arrive.
People arriving for the show.
Finding seats and looking.
More guests arrive.
The main centerpiece on the front table.
Ready for lunch.
Serving iced tea and water.
Visiting while waiting; Ann Cooper gives directions.
The waiter staff is ready to serve; David, Ron, Jacob, Brad, Bill, Robert, and Stan manning the camera.
... and serve we do: Brad and Bill.
After lunch, Elizabeth starts the fashion show.
Anne Russell is our first model.
Marjorie Mais follows ...
Satee Mathews and her daughter Sarah are on next.
Irene Miller is our next model.
Michele Naghoon models her outfit.
Joyce Fabricand is on next.
Our seventh model is Mary Jane Santamaria.
Lyn Garman models next.
Christina is our final and ninth model.
Elizabeth gives time for the silent auction.
The silent auction.
Robert Garman, our youngest server; and a good job he did.
Bill Carroll serves ice where needed and/or desired.
Irmgard Pomerening and Sue Russell waiting for the next round of modeling.
Waiting, ...
... and discussing, ...