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Our Organ Is Delivered


We at Christ Episcopal Church in Longwood heard through the grapevine that The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection, 251 East Lake Brantley Drive, Longwood, Florida was in the process of installing a pipe organ and their present organ was being made available to any local church as a donation. We were first in line. Consequently, we are the fortunate recipients of the organ that is being replaced. This instrument was being given to us without cost except for delivery and installation costs. This is a Rodgers Concord 760 organ which is a true church organ that Griff Moore, our church mustician, had inspected by a Rodgers representative before acceptance and found to be in great condition. The present keyboard will remain operable as organ and piano until the new organ installation is fully complete. Thereafter, the keyboard will function as a church piano.

This organ was delivered to Christ Church on Tuesday, August 5, 2014. Both Griff and our secretary Angela made a series of photographs of the activities of that delivery. We are pleased to present them here for you.

Please click on the organ below to access the photo album. You may turn off the background music by clicking on the player button below.

Click me for photo album.
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We thank the Church of the Resurrection heartily for their generosity.

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