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1. To view the PPS show, you must download it to your hard drive and run it from there. Download the file by clicking on the button above.
To view a PowerPoint Show (PPS) on a Windows computer, you must have PowerPoint or a Windows PowerPoint Player installed on your computer. If not, you can install the Player by clicking on the appropriate button above to download it.
ANDROID: You may dowonload a PowerPoint Player from the Google Play store. Click here.
2. The slideshows are not of the highest quality to keep the files at reasonable sizes. If you wish the original full-size, high-resolution photographs for printing, etc. please contact the church office with your request.
3. We have made the VBS Photo Gallery Show in two parts for the website version to facilitate easier downloading to your device. These are rather large files.
4. The Little Aliens show is a run of special photos made for one of the VBS projects. They are too cute to ignore. Check out the Big Aliens as well.
This menu shows only those pages most likely to be accessed so as to conserve space.
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