CHRIST CHURCH LONGWOOD 151 West Church Avenue Longwood, FL 32750 407 339-6812 Located in the Historical District of Longwood Upholding Scriptural Authority
Christ Church Longwood
The Christian congregation known as Christ Church began meeting and growing along with  the Longwood community in the 1870's. First in people's homes and then in a small log  schoolhouse on the property of one of Longwood's founders Mr. E. W. Henck. Their first  recorded activity was Mr. F.H. Rand's daughter's baptism on Easter Day 1877. Later the  child's grandparents visited and saw the need for a church building and so began fundraising  for it upon their return to Boston. Mr. Henck donated six acres on what is now Church Avenue (including where the police  station now stands) and the congregation built on its east end, around 1880. They chose the  board and batten "Carpenter Gothic" style, fashionable at the time. The furnishings were all  gifts and the earliest are dated 1879. Many were made locally and others came from the  original Holy Cross parish building in Sanford that was destroyed in a hurricane in 1880.  Christ Church then consisted of nine families and twenty communicants, but no official  minister. The congregation took care of itself and was visited occasionally by traveling  clergymen. Their new building was dedicated Easter 1882 and in 1883 clergy visits became  regular, however it was only in 1955 that the first full-time pastor was appointed.  Christ Church has thrived together with Longwood for over 130 years. Its building is the  oldest continuously-used Christian meeting house in Seminole County. In 2004, damage was  caused to the church buildings by hurricanes Charlie, Francis, and Jean. We are pleased to  report all damage has been repaired.  Note that you can find a more in-depth history of Christ Church and its relation to Longwood  in "History of the Church" (click the title or go to the menu under "Welcome"). 
Dedicated to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ
A warm welcome to all! Christ Church is a unique and historic place of worship reminiscent of the  Anglican Mission style churches of Old Florida.  We offer heartfelt Bible-based Episcopal services every  Sunday at 10:00 AM, with an open invitation to newcomers of any age, sect or creed.  Join us and  celebrate the love of Christ and the fellowship of those who follow him.  The parish of Christ Church is a part of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida having The Rt. Rev.  Gregory Brewer as its Bishop. Both the parish and the Diocese are part of the American Anglican  Council.  Our church family here at Christ Church consists of approximately 50 family units. We may be small but  we are close-knit. This is because be believe Jesus Christ our Lord is at the center of everything we do.  Knowing His saving grace, we are not ashamed of the gospel; we firmly believe it is the power of God  for the salvation of everyone who believes. We further know that in all things God works for the good of  those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. Jesus said, "Come to me all ye who  are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.” Through the love of the Father, our doors are open  to everyone who wishes to commune and worship with us. As encouraged by Hebrews 10:25, everyone is  welcome.   Our Priest-in-Charge, Reverend Noy Sparks, has recently become associated with Christ Church and is  much welcomed by all. His main affiliation is with Velencia College as Professor of Humanities.   Christ Church is located in the historic district of Longwood, Florida. It is small in size but large in heart,  having a seating capacity of up to 200 parishioners. Being of wood construction with a metal roof, the  church is retains its basic construction pattern it had in the late 1800s. The building is quaint and warm  and in demand for weddings and other community functions; however, all requests for such events must  be processed through the church office in accordance with the Vestry. Where our sign declares we uphold  scriptural authority, our heart is centered in Jesus Christ, our Lord. It is only through Him and because of  Him that we have our salvation and exist as a church.  
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