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Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida
This is the site of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida which is our parent Diocese. We highly suggest you visit this site to familiarize yourself with the Church, the Diocese, our people, parishes, places, and ministries. The Rt. Rev. Gregory Brewer is the Bishop of the Diocese of Central Florida.

American Anglican Council Web Site
This link will take you to the American Anglican Council Web Site.The Diocese of Central Florida is a member of the AAC. You should visit this site to become educated about Christ Church's underpinnings.

A Web Site for Praising Our Lord Jesus Christ
Sometimes, one way or the other, we are fortunate to be led to a web site that makes one say Allelluia and Praise the Lord for finding it. This is surely one such sit. Take time to visit it. We are sure you will spend a fair amount of time there and will come back often. He calls himself the Chief Worrier. Such a misnomer; he is clearly well founded in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ. Don't worry, Mr. Worrier, you are in Very Good hands!

A Versatile Website Containing Christian Music
This is a fun web site that I (Stan Russell, the Christ Church website webmaster) have thrown together to play with various presentations. It really has no specific purpose other than to try this and that. With that said, there are many places and things here that have interest and depth and fun in their own right. Come and surf and discover. I hope you will enjoy your visit. Come back frequently as this is a dynamic site; I plan to change and add to it often

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St. Thomas Church, Oakwood
We are a community of people who believe that God has met our human needs through Jesus Christ and we are experiencing it in our everyday lives.We are convinced that Jesus Christ is the Son of God: that he died to win forgiveness for all our wrong-doing, to clear our consciences and to bring us and God together again: that he rose from the dead to bring us to new spiritual life: that he will one day return to judge everyone; and that he has given us the Holy Spirit to help us live now in a way that pleases him.We are sure that in order to know how to live our lives we must understand what the Bible teaches, so all our sermons in church are intended to explain the Bible and apply it to our experiences of life.

Christianity Today Magazine
Yes, this is the "Christianity Today" magazine with which you are so familiar. Once at this site, you will be engaged in many interesting and informative articles addressing many, many situations and groups that you will find it difficult to leave this site once you visit it. Make sure you have time to spend there since you will certainly be there for some time entranced in their offerings.

The Bible Online
This site is similar to the one above but with a different spin. It too is well worth visiting. You can decide between the two yourself which one is preferable and the most meaningful to you.

Christian MIDI Sites
MIDI music for Christian worship and just plain listening. Remember that all MIDI music is instrumental. Your Windows Media Player is fully capable of playing MIDI-based music. Yes, most of these links also contain Christmas Carol music as well.

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